I feel very positive about giving my time to the kids. They look up to us and really “take in” the lessons we teach them. This will change their lives forever.

Citeria Allembert, West Hollywood volunteer.

As a positive person it make me feel good knowing that I am giving back to my community, impacting the future of America and really making a difference when I see the positive, energetic response to the lessons by the students.

Scott Evans, Blvd Heights volunteer

We feel very fortunate to be able to motivate our students by integrating workplace concepts and skills into the curriculum. These skills connect the world of school to the world of work. With this program students can begin focusing on careers of their interest at an early age.

Jennifer Wisnoski – West Hollywood.

The KAPOW program has really helped me manage my time better. Directly after my lesson at the school, I head back to the office which I plan my appointments accordingly on those certain days and I am sure not to have anyone come in when I am not there. It is also such a good feeling when I leave the classroom recapping the lesson taught and how so many young lives have been touched.

Cassandra Cascudo, Gilbert Porter volunteer

KAPOW brings joy to me because it feels great to be able to see students participate in the lectures and relate school activities with jobs. The students’ field trip to our facility is my favorite part, seeing them with their wide open eyes, amazed about the planes and how big the hangar space is. Roxanne Ramos

I realized there is a big need in children to learn about the adult work and KAPOW helps them to understand in a very easy and friendly manner basic job related concepts.

Laura Garrido – Frances Tucker

It’s very fulfilling to be able to instruct the youth and help provide some inspiration for their future.

Officer Erwin Fernandez – Doral PD, Downtown Doral

I almost was an elementary school teacher so this has been great. I also try and include my office in showing pictures and stories so I can get everyone ready to help me participate in the field trip.

Gwyn West – Double Tree by Hilton, Sawgrass Elem.

Through all the KAPOW eight lessons, our guest Ms. Laura has been a constant reminder of the importance of improving myself in my field. These lessons have been alerts to better myself professionally. In addition, sharing my time with Ms. Laura has been a perfect team working that we acquired together. Finally. My students and I have a clear understanding of what the team needs to reach success, how to thrive for more, and how to main high expectations. My students gain the trust and respect for our guest Ms. Laura and that makes it all worth it.

Lorena Correa – Frances Tucker teacher