Kids and the Power of Work

Kids and the Power of Work (KAPOW) brings volunteers into schools to help students connect school and work, and brings students into the workplace for real life work experiences.  This web site – provides more details. 

In 1993, Mr. Casbarro developed the South Florida KAPOW program, which began with one school and business and 250 students. The program now serves 6000 students annually in 80 elementary, middle and high schools.  More than 850 community volunteers and 500 educators participate in the program.  Seventy percent of KAPOW students are minorities (primarily Hispanic and African American) who qualify for free or reduced lunch. 

The KAPOW Program has received local and national awards for its contributions to education and community involvement.  Major corporate partners, including Bank of America, Morgan Stanley and Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines have participated for more than fifteen years. 

We are also developing new ways to help students and teachers impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic deal with their isolation and disconnect with outside world, by:

  • Developing and sharing new methods for virtual lesson presentations, visits to worksites, and volunteer interviews to keep students and teachers connected with our volunteers.
  • Providing this virtual content on our new YouTube channel
  • Encouraging partner teachers and volunteers to embrace technology as a new way to deliver lesson content.
  • Providing inspiration and encouragement- see our May newsletter.
  • Continually monitoring teachers’ needs via surveys, teleconferences and email.
  • Helping students understand what their roles are now, and can be in the future to help make this crisis an opportunity.



Young people need to understand that there is a reason for studying beyond doing so for the sake of learning. Understanding early in life that reading, writing, and math are vital to success in life is a powerful incentive. KAPOW addresses this need for relevance through a powerful set of lessons for elementary school students taught by volunteers and teachers, field trips to work sites, and curriculum-relevant activities for teachers to incorporate the real-life application of the skills they teach on a daily basis.


KAPOW validates our teachers with the students by emphasizing the importance of what they’re teaching and its application to the workplace, and life:

“I know your teacher told you that reading, writing and math are important, but let me tell you, I couldn’t do my job without it! Let me show you some work I’m doing. What do you think I had to learn in school to do that?”…A KAPOW volunteer during their lesson.


KAPOW connects students, teachers and schools with volunteers, their organizations and the community, so that we can all take part and invest in our young people – our future!