The SolutionsForChange project is implemented at Cypress Run Education Center (CREC) in Pompano Beach, FL with 250 middle and high school students, their teachers and other staff. CREC serves a special population of students who, through committing a serious offense, would otherwise be suspended or expelled from school.

In the project, CREC Students prepare and participate in virtual interviews with six accomplished people regarding bias, social injustice, and racial equality, then create plans for change they can present via service learning projects, including essays and oral/digital presentations.

Participating CREC students are encouraged to consider civic and community engagement activities, including presenting their plans for change to city commissioners as well as annual school district conferences and events such as Broward Schools’ Innovative Teacher Idea Expo.

SolutionsForChange has empowered our students to discover their creative potential and become agents of positive change.”

Nordia Barber, Teacher