KAPOW Training

“KAPOW enhances students’ confidence, encourages them to think about their future, and improves their interpersonal skills.”

Frances Mora, Ruth K. Broad/Bay Harbor Elementary

Training Powerpoint

Blank Schedule Sheet

Sample Schedule Sheet

Student Certificate

New Volunteer application form

Volunteer Code of Conduct

Program Guidelines and Work Site Visit Rules

2020-21 Training Packet

Volunteer Registration:Broward Volunteers: All volunteers must complete the online application for the new school year. Visit browardschools.com/volunteers and click on “CLICK HERE” on the right-hand side to complete the application form.Call Nyasha Hinds at 754-321-1978 for support.

Miami-Dade Volunteers: Go to http://www.dadeschools.net/community.asp, log in or create an account then click Apps/Services/Sites. Click on ‘Be a School Volunteer’ then complete the application and click Submit.

Call 305-995-2995 for support.

Monroe County Volunteers: https://visa.keysschools.com/

Worksite Script for Schools

Worksite Script for Hosts

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MFIN Student Certificate

MFIN Adult Certificate