My Future Is Now

My Future Is Now (MFIN) is the next evolution of the KAPOW Program.

The overarching mission of MFIN is to ensure that students acquire knowledge and skill sets required for successful adulthood. Our goal is for every student to have a vision of a successful future and to view school as a place to make that vision a reality.

To accomplish this goal, Learning for Success has developed a whole new set of lessons for volunteers in grades 6-9, utilizing the latest research in self-efficacy (one’s belief that you can succeed), and resiliency (the ability to overcome obstacles).

While they are based on the same themes as the traditional KAPOW curriculum, MFIN’s lessons incorporate specific/new conversational techniques and methods for engaging students, and specific activities correlated to Reading, Language Arts, and Math instruction.

With each lesson we want the students to always know what they are learning (not “doing”), why it is important to know, and how they can use it when they leave school. (If this occurs, students will rarely ask, “Why do we have to learn this?” (They will know why.)

The lessons begin with “What Is Your Dream”, where students envision themselves as successful adults, looking back at how they achieved that success and what their life is like “now”. This is different than creating plans or goals; rather than thinking about what might or could happen in the future, their vision for the future is fully realized in the present.

Are you ready to change a young person’s life forever? For more information about volunteering, school partnerships and using MFIN lessons in our schools, contact Learning for Success President John Casbarro at