Welcome to the KAPOW Resources page! Our goal is to support classroom instruction in all subjects through our lesson content. Below you will find the lesson plans for all grades, the new Florida Standards which correlate to our lesson activities, where to find books listed in the Bibliography pages in each lesson, as well as which ones are part of the Accelerated Reader program, multiple choice tests you can use for social studies grades, and writing prompts based on the lessons. Please click the links below to jump to the following sections:

Florida Standards for KAPOW Lessons
Grade 2 Lessons
Grades 3-4 Lessons
Grades 5-8 Lessons
Lesson Tests
Bibliography Resources
Reading/Writing Exercises for FSA
Additional Resources

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Florida Standards
Click below to see which Florida Standards correlate with the lesson activities.
2nd Grade Florida Standards
3rd Grade Florida Standards
4th Grade Florida Standards
5th Grade Florida Standards
6th Grade Florida Standards

Grade 2 Lessons
Click below to access all Grade 2 Lesson materials
Introduction to KAPOW Lessons

Table of Contents Grade 2
KAPOW Lesson 1 Grade 2
KAPOW Lesson 2 Grade 2
KAPOW Lesson 3 Grade 2
KAPOW Lesson 4 Grade 2
KAPOW Lesson 5 Grade 2
KAPOW Lesson 6 Grade 2
KAPOW Lesson 7 Grade 2
KAPOW Lesson 8 Grade 2

Grades 3-4 Lessons
Click below to access all Grades 3-4 Lesson materials
Introduction to KAPOW Lessons
Table of Contents Grades 3-4
KAPOW Lesson 1 grades 3-4
KAPOW Lesson 2 Grades 3-4
KAPOW Lesson 3 Grades 3-4
KAPOW Lesson 4 Grades 3-4
KAPOW Lesson 5 Grades 3-4
KAPOW Lesson 6 Grades 3-4
KAPOW Lesson 7 Grades 3-4
KAPOW Lesson 8 Grades 3-4

Grades 5-8 Lessons
Click below to access all Grades 5-8 Lesson materials
Introduction to KAPOW Lessons
Table of Contents Grades 5-8
KAPOW Lesson 1 Grades 5-8
KAPOW Lesson 2 Grades 5-8
KAPOW Lesson 3 Grades 5-8
KAPOW Lesson 4 Grades 5-8
KAPOW Lesson 5 Grades 5-8
KAPOW Lesson 6 Grades 5-8
KAPOW Lesson 7 Grades 5-8
KAPOW Lesson 8 Grades 5-8

Lesson Tests
Click below for short multiple choice tests that can be used with each lesson for a grade.

Grade 2 Lesson Tests + Answer Key

Grade 3-4 Lesson Tests + Answer Key

Grade 5-8 Lesson Tests + Answer Key

Click below to access the full Bibliography list and links for where you can find the books
Accelerated Reader KAPOW Books
Grade 2-KAPOW-Bibliography
Grade 3-4-KAPOW-Bibliography

Reading/Writing Exercises for FSA

Grades 4-5 Passages/Q&A/Writing Prompts//Standards

Grades 6-8 Passages/Q&A/Writing Prompts//Standards

 Additional Resources

Virtual KAPOW Program and Connection Instructions

Letter Home in English, Spanish, Creole

Target Foundation Grant for Field Trips- Up to $700

Lesson 1: What is Work? Homework in English, Spanish, Creole

KAPOW Interactive Lessons for SMART. Promethean, Mimio

Link to open KAPOW Interactive Lessons

Free Smart Board Career Activities and Images
Free Promethean Board Career Activities

KAPOW Photo/Video Gallery
KAPOW Orientation Video
KAPOW Music Video

100 Best Jobs
Free Career Education Videos!

Broward School Youtube Instructions (Need more help? Call BCPS IT Dept.  754-321-0411)

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Incorporate Reading / KAPOW Lessons and Corellations to State Standards Online!

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KAPOW Interview Activity Worksheet